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Titan Block is a digital asset trading platform

Create, trade and hold digital assets. We are a community of innovators, problem solvers, freedom lovers inspired by digital assets, blockchain technology and the promise it holds for our future.


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Titan Block currently offers ZERO fee trading*

*Titan earns fees by offering a bid and ask spread to the market. No additional fees are charged.



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Physical Rare Assets

Titan Block will fractionalize ownership of some of the rarest assets in the world and offer those assets via digital tokens to investors on our platform.  Be among the first to own a piece of history.

Imagine owning a piece of the largest classic car collection, gold coins from the 16th century or the finest art collections in the world. These assets will enable investors to gain exposure to more options than ever before.

*Titan Block is currently building a fractionalized physical asset trading platform. This is intended to launch at a future time.


Expanding Number of Digital Assets

Titan Block offers over 250 crypto currencies, 23 legacy currencies including gold, many stable coins and very soon will offer tokenized stocks, perpetual futures, fractional ownership in rare assets, and more.

We are building a future where all assets can be truly owned with out a middle man.

What an amazing future!


Legacy Payment Systems

Titan Block is building bridges between legacy systems and the new web 3.0. We currently accept US Domestic wires and SWIFT.

We are aggressively expanding acceptable payment methods to include SEPA, SIX transfers, Card Payments, Skrill, Neteller transfers, and much more.


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